Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Second first marathon attempt

Four more sleeps to go and then it will be time for my second attempt to run 42.195 km (plus a bit more) in the 2009 Canberra Marathon / 50 Km Ultra-marathon. My first attempt was the 2008 Sydney marathon where my finish was, ahem, unexpectedly premature.

This time around my plan had been setting my sights on completing the 50km ultra-marathon, scoring a marathon finish along the way. Whether I'll have the stamina or the stomach to do the extra 7.805 km after reaching the marathon finish line for the first time remains to be seen. But I've been trying to visualize myself breezing effortlessly across the line as I set out for the extra bit and a glorious double finish. Positive waves... positive waves...

I'll be running in the sparsely contested, circus gear and sandals category, opting for my favourite pair of Vibram cherry huaraches. But for most of my training runs in preparation for Canberra over the last few months I've worn my FiveFingers Classics which were kindly supplied by Max and Sally, local FiveFingers pioneers here in Sydney. The more I ran in them, the more I grew to like them. In fact, I've now run far enough that they've recently become more authentically barefoot then they used to be with the soles finally giving out. So, sadly, it's time to retire them - though of course there's the fun of choosing the next pair to look forward to !


MISS PINKY said...

Hi Stranger!!
I hope you had a great day at Canberra and accomplished your mission!!! Or, had fun trying at least!!

I actually met Max at a stand at the fitness expo on the weekend and bought myself a pair of 5 Fingers Classics. I am yet to run in them but I am loving the idea of it! I mentioned you to Max and he said to say "hi"!

PS: Jason "Mr Pinky" is now entering tri's....Are you still doing them??

serena said...

Slowmo I heard you did really well in the marathon - well done. Your vibrams are the same as my husbands--our friends all think he's wearing those black 1980's court shoes.
Hope you had a great time running.